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It all starts with a simple game.

Each game is characterized by 3 variables that you choose:


How much do you want to save?


When do you need the money?


What rewards and penalties will make this more fun?

Saving goal amount

Precise saving goals give you something to strive for. Determine how much you would like to save and we will help you succeed!


Time period for saving

Any real goal has a timeline. Choose when you would like to save the money by and break it up into parts so you can save up little by little.


Motivations for saving

Let's give your long term goals a sense of urgency. Select incentives that will ensure your success. How about saving with friends? Will a penalty keep you from failing? Will rewards motivate you to succeed?


Save in groups

Moneypie makes saving more fun by letting you do it with other people. Set goals with your friends and push each other to meet them.

 Group Rewards and Penalties

Create incentives for the group to make the process of saving more fun. Push each other to save more, and make the journey of improving your saving habits an enjoyable experience.

Friendly competition

Make your group saving goals into a competition to see who has better saving habits, with the group penalties and rewards as prizes for performance!